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Find the best yoga mat for 2022

Find the best yoga mat for 2022

Oct 14,2022
Anyway, this blog is about what you should be looking for in a yoga mat in 2022 based on your needs, ability level and budget.

Budget pad

These are the mats you can find at your local gym, usually made of foam. There are thousands of options on the market. They are designed to suit many different workout styles and are inexpensive. This is where many people decide to start with their first yoga mat purchase, which is understandable since you may decide to stop practicing yoga after a few weeks or months.

However, I would urge you to consider spending a little more for a better quality mat. Will be more comfortable; you won't be skating as much, and it will build confidence in your practice, which means you're less likely to give up and try something else. Also, if you buy the right mat, it will last longer, so it will be more economical in the long run.

High-end floor mat

On the other end of the scale are pads that typically retail for over a hundred pounds. No doubt you have researched and discovered who the big brands are. Overall, these will be rubber pads with some sort of faux top layer for the service of grip.

These mats are for those who want the best possible surface for their practice, with the perfect grip so they don't slip, but they can still "flow" from one asana to the next.

Sustainable mat

Sustainability of printed cork yoga mat is often a priority for Yogi's, in fact, we found our most sustainable yoga mat (Eco-Cork) to be the most in demand over the past 12 months. What is sustainable obviously varies from person to person, but you should look to see if the materials are natural and they should of course be biodegradable within a reasonable time. Companies should also be able to tell you where their raw materials come from, if they take sustainability as seriously as they claim. Our cork comes from trees in Portugal and our rubber comes from trees in Malaysia, all in the most sustainable way possible. The top layer (PU) of our Pro-Grip yoga mat is the only man-made element, which is made in Taiwan and we find it provides a much better finish than those made elsewhere.

Also consider the packaging of your yoga mat. The eco friendly yoga mat is simply and beautifully packaged in a cardboard box that is fully curbside recyclable. Likewise, boxes, as well as all other packaging, can be recycled curbside. Both come with carrying straps, which are a must when you're shopping for a new pad.

Yoga has made my life better and I know there are many others who would benefit from regular practice. The right yoga mat is only part of it, but it's an important part, so when you're looking for the best yoga mat in 2022, sit back and think carefully before buying.

If you have any questions about our mats, our other products or our journey, please contact yoga mat manufacturer https://www.secondpagesport.com.
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